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About Omega Pipeline

Omega Pipeline has served the natural gas needs at Fort Leonard Wood since 1992. With approximately 75 miles of natural gas pipelines on post at Fort Leonard Wood, Omega serves this U.S. Army installation through a long-term contract with the Department of Defense. Omega has the staff and contractor relationships to maintain the facilities on post.

In addition to meeting the U.S. Army’s natural gas needs at Fort Leonard Wood, Omega also serves as a natural gas marketer for several large customers in the Rolla area by holding firm capacity on the MoGas Pipeline from the major gas supply basins. This firm capacity enables Omega to schedule and balance the daily natural gas requirements of its large customers.

Omega Pipeline was acquired by CorEnergy in 2008. CorEnergy owns and operates critical energy infrastructure assets that provide investors a stable income stream, including pipelines, storage terminals, and transmission and distribution assets. CorEnergy is a proponent of natural gas, given its environmental benefits as a clean energy source. The Company is committed to being a good steward of the environment and to operating safely in the communities it serves.

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